Guitar Hanger Yoke Assembly

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This is a consumer product that will be used for guitar storage. It consists of a hard plastic yoke, overmolded by a softer rubber type material. We need a strong shatter resistant material for the yoke (glass reinforced nylon?). The over mold material should be in the 50 durometer range and cannot adversely affect furniture type finishes (polyurethane, lacquer, varrnish, shellac) with prolonged contact. Material input is welcome. The graphic in the attached .jpg, will be embossed on the back flange centered within the engraved patent info you’ll see in the model. Please include tooling price and lead time.


파트 번호:       GH-2 Yoke Assembly
재질 등급:       

상세 기술적 요소


치수109.7 x 81.6 x 52.1 inch


연 사용량:24.0

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인젝션: Injection molding is a manufacturing technique for making parts from thermoplastic material. Molten plastic is injected at high pressure into a mold, which is the inverse of the desired part shape.