Dispenser,Tissue, Recon, RRJ-95

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Production of a tissue dispenser. Approximately 13.2" x 7" x 4.04". Material is composite. Buyer requires NDA Signature. *Supplier will need to be ISO Approved* Award Contingent upon Quality approval & PO’s to follow * Outside process should be via NADCAP approved suppliers. * Buyer orders by Ship Sets (This will be Qty 1 on RFQ). *Deliveries will be for 2-3 Ship Sets per month (This will be Qty 2 on RFQ). *Anticipated total Ship Sets are 80+ (This will be Qty 3 on RFQ)


파트 번호:       A336179-149
재질 등급:       

상세 기술적 요소

카테고리:레이업 몰딩

치수335.28 x 177.8 x 102.616 inch


연 사용량:480.0

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레이업 몰딩: Lay Up, or Open molds are manual molding processes for building molds in successive layers. Lay-up is a process of overlaying sheets of resin-impregnated plastic or fiberglass over a mold shape until the desired thickness is achieved. Spray molding is the process of spraying molten plastic over a form, or spraying resin over fiberglass which has been fitted to a form or mold.