720407 Insert

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Production of a 720407 Insert (Screw/Swiss Machining). Approximately 0.56 inch OD x 1.1 inch long. Please see drawing for all specifications. Custom Brass insert needed for plastic overmolding.


파트 번호:       1297209787816
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상세 기술적 요소

카테고리:스크류/ 스위스 머시닝

치수0.56 x 1.1 inch


연 사용량:15000.0

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스크류/ 스위스 머시닝: Screw/Swiss Machining refers to the high volume production of very small, high precision cylindrical parts. Screw/Swiss machined parts often have very small features called micro-features. Screw/Swiss style machines are similar to CNC lathes or turning centers, only on a smaller scale. Screw/Swiss turning machines are often faster and more accurate than traditional CNC turning centers. The ideal parts for Screw/Swiss turning are made from stainless steel, titanium, brass, aluminum, platinum and iridium. NOTE: Low volume turned parts should be categorized under machining-turning.