Genesys Industries
Genesys Industries

Fornitori di Fusione, Fornitori di Rivestimento Florida, Stati Uniti d'America, Produttore

Genesys Industries è un Produttore situato in Palmetto, Florida, Stati Uniti d'America.


  • Contract manufacturer of precision machined components and assemblies


  • ISO 9001-2015 CERTIFIED
  • AS 9100 Rev D CERTIFIED


  • Haas VF-2SS CNC 4th Axis
  • Haas ST-10Y Lathe
  • Haas VF-3ss 4th axis vertical
  • Haas ST-30 Lathe
  • Kia SKT21LMS Live Tooling Lathe with Subspindle and 4’ LNS Barfeeder
  • Sharp LMV Milling Machine Manual Engine lathe w\ 12” chuck. Hardinge chucker w\ rea
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  • Palmetto, Florida
  • Stati Uniti d'America 34221