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World Dongguan Hongyan Precise Mould Ltd is a manufacturer in China which can provide international customers with a wide range service of stamping, casting and molding.Emerson,Jabil,Parrot,Amway,Canon are our main customer.
World Hongyan Mould is not simply a manufacturer, but a supporter to customer's new product and also a solution provider. We have seasoned application engineers, designers, and estimators who work closely with customer step by step to develop a new product, reviewing your part prints or samples, recommending and tailoring the most cost-effective solution, solve potential problems and analyze the most economic solution to fit your production needs. We can even help you achieve shapes, paths and geometries that were previously impossible.

World Hongyan Mould can assist you with product design or copy your samples to create 3D models with the correction you want to do. With support from our professional engineering team, you can simply tell us your part idea or send us a sample with correction requirement, we will do all the rest for you from product drawing creation to mold-making and part production. We could provide rapid prototyping samples and soft moulds at a very low price for you to check your new products.

World Hongyan Mould is your one-stop supplier for your products and we are waiting for your cooperation to build your success.

Dongguan Hongyan Precise Mould Co.,Ltd, I seguenti fornitori (officine meccaniche, produttori, fonditori, modanatori, CNC) forniscono servizi di produzione per l’industria delle macchine utensili, l’industria automobilistica …. Per maggiori informazioni visita:

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Dongguan Hongyan Precise Mould Co.,Ltd Dongguan Hongyan Precise Mould Co.,Ltd
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