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Turnkey Material Card Punching and Die Cutting System using electro-optical sensors to scan and record registration marks. Production rates should be 165 strokes per minute with consistent precision registration accuracy in X, Y, an Rotational axes within +/-0.1 mm or better. We are looking for equipment for manufacturing various types of cards, eg. scratch cards, magnetic strip cards barcode cards, IC card; Game cards, Internet cards, fill- value card, Membership card,VIP card, Bar code card, cetificate card, magnetic strip cards, smart cards, etc.. ; We will also need the relevant machines to manufacture the PINs, as well as Packing machines, with a capacity of approx. 800,000 cards daily.

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Città / Regione Columbia, Maryland
Nazione USA


Numero RDO 369788
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Categoria Apparecchiatura di imballaggio

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Apparecchiatura di imballaggio: Le apparecchiature di imballaggio includono sistemi pick and pack automatizzati, stazioni di lavoro di imballaggio e spedizione, macchine per cerchiare gli imballaggi e macchine di avvolgimento pallet.