[O2-Sensor-Rectangle] Foam-Backing [Rev-A]

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The buyer is basically looking to use this part to close a small void left by a moving component in consumer product. A very soft grade of black (for aesthetics) foam will do the job nicely and will cost far less than creating a a mechanical door. They’ve tested foam grades similar to that used in acoustic foam and it worked well. Were looking for something strong (dense) enough to close the gap quickly (ths open cell), while not applying too much force on the part that moves into it (compress it). Feel free to contact the buyer with questions, were pretty flexible in terms of material selection but the color should be black. The density on the spec was an approximation, they may be able to go with more dense materials (still soft though) but will require a few samples to know for sure.

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Città / Regione , Arizona
Nazione USA


Numero RDO 517355

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