Drilling Dodecahedron

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As can be seen in the pictures, there are 112 of these small (under 1" cross section) dodecahedrons. Buyer would like to have 6 holes drilled in each. The holes will likely be 1/8" diameter and 1/4" deep (Buyer will confirm the exact diameter and depth, all will be identical).

The holes are on the 5 faces surrounding the top face (but not the top face itself) and one additional hole on the bottom face. Buyer can provide a drawing if necessary.

Buyer is looking for an affordable quote to drill all of these holes (6 holes in each of the 112 pieces, for a total of 672 holes) or possibly 250 pieces if the cost of drilling per part can be under $2. A jig may need to be created to hold the pieces in place to get the hole in the center of each face.

If a supplier is not interested in doing the drilling, but in providing a jig so Buyer can do the drilling , Buyer would also be interested in that.

Buyer is very eager to have this done, but the cost per piece should not be more than a few dollars apiece since the drilling is very straightforward once a jig is made to hold the pieces.

If the work is done well, Buyer may supply further parts for machining in the future! Please contact Buyer with any questions or thoughts on this job.


Numero parte:       007
Materiale:       Termoplastica
Grado materiale:       

Specifiche tecniche


Dimensioni0.0 x 0.0 inch

Fabbisogno Annuale:250.0

Microforatura: La microforatura è il processo di perforazione di fori di dimensioni molto piccole con elevata precisione. Alcuni servizi sono in grado di eseguire fori che potrebbero perforare un capello umano.