Strapping Machine

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Automatic Side-Seal Arch Strapping Machine. Dimensions: 52" H x 39" W. Need 27 straps per minute. Cycle start standard options: foot switch, push button or table top ball switch. Lubrication free sealing mechanism. Programmable logic control. Simple, centralized controls. Automatic re-feed mechanism. Weld cool switch. Proximity sensors. Maximum tension: 180 pds. Speed: 2.2 seconds/cycle. Strap Size: 3/8" or 1/2" PP.

Strapping machine will be used to strap top sleeve to tray bottom. Chairs will be inside. Buyer would like to have a sample machine at their facility for a week to test its efficiency. Looking to buy ASAP. Buyer does not have info as to how much strapping would be needed; mainly concerned w/finding a machine, setting up and testing it on chair boxes. Please contact buyer with any questions.

Information Acheteur/Ingénieur

Industrie Biens de consommation
Ville/Région Middlebury, Indiana
Pays USA


Numéro de RFQ 359980
Matière Thermoplastique
Qualité de matériaux Polypropylene

Specifications techniques

Catégorie Équipement de conditionnement

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