KunShan Hotron Tooling Technology Co., LTD
KunShan Hotron Tooling Technology Co., LTD

Taller de Estampación, Taller de Realización de cospeles 江苏 (Jiangsu), China, Proveedor

KunShan Hotron Tooling Technology Co., LTD es un Proveedor situado en KunShan City, 江苏 (Jiangsu), China.


  • Plastic parts and metal parts are on Medical Device/ Home Appliances/Electronic Products/Auto Produc


  • The details of equipments please find our company profile document with the link on this web!
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KunShan Hotron Tooling Technology Co., LTD KunShan Hotron Tooling Technology Co., LTD
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  • #969197
  • 2018-09-19
Supplier did a good job! All parties are pleased with suppliers quality and their delivery.
Harold S.
  • #1049491
  • 2018-05-18
Horton Tooling worked with us to deliver the product we were looking for. We will use them again.
Quinn S.
  • #988500
  • 2017-11-20
Hotron did a fantastic job and Karl was a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to a long term relationship with them.
D.K. W.
  • #930960
  • 2017-10-04
Great job. Thanks
David H.
  • #924296
  • 2017-08-30
KunShan Hotron Tooling was very with all the back and forth and the changes. They worked with us and made the product even better. Thanks again Karl
Abe C.
  • #962353
  • 2017-07-25
Delivered on time and the quality was excellent. Karl at Kunshan Hotron Tooling Tec is great at communicating, clarifying any questions he has and informing me of the progress of production. The parts came on-time and were of excellent quality. I highly recommend Karl and KunShan Hotron Tooling Tec.
Adam T.
  • #937538
  • 2017-06-29
I had a excellent experience working with Karl at KunShan Hotron Tooling Tec and highly recommend them! Karl always returned my emails promptly despite a 12 hour time difference. He must work a lot a night because he often respond to my emails at 10 or 11pm in his time zone! He also provided a excellent 3D drawing where he outlined in red and green the sections of my mold that I needed to adjust to improve the function of the finished part. The samples and finished parts were delivered on time. The quality was excellent. As I said earlier, I highly recommend Karl and KunShun Hotron Tooling Tec.
Adam T.
  • #803867
  • 2017-03-21
Parts worked great in the assembled product!
Erik D.
  • #923670
  • 2017-02-28
We were very happy with the work, the price, the delivery of the parts from KunShan Hotron. The rep was very accessible and responsive to any questions. Thank you
Joe J.
  • #842125
  • 2016-12-30
Great parts delivered on time and accurate!
Tim M.
  • #841811
  • 2016-12-30
Great parts delivered on time and accurate!
Tim M.
  • #781845
  • 2015-12-10
This company is absolutely amazing! They are sticklers for quality and have great communication. My experience with them has been nothing short of incredible! I highly recommend you using this company for your manufacturing needs!
Wade S.
  • #806496
  • 2015-09-18
KunShan Hotron did a detailed soft silicone molded part for us. There were some issues with the first attempt, but they were quickly resolved and the end result was good.
Caleb H.
  • #747596
  • 2015-08-15
Good tooling price. Fast production. Great quality. Thank you
Patrick D.
  • #768905
  • 2015-06-15
Very nice company. They made a stamping mold and made a couple thousand pieces of product for me. I am impressed, and I will bring additional projects here in the future. The whole process including delivery was on time as scheduled.
Richard B.
  • #761121
  • 2015-05-19
Very professional companies that create high quality parts and great lead time!
Jason P.
  • #749981
  • 2015-03-11
This company is so spot on! Karl was absolutely amazing with his communications and works so hard to meet every deadline. There wasn't one thing that didn't come out prefect from Hotron!! USE THIS COMPANY!!!!
William S.
  • KunShan City, 江苏 (Jiangsu)
  • China 215300