Formec, Inc.

Taller de Ensamblaje, Taller de Fabricación industrial Coahuila, México


Our company was built first as an LTD under the name of Efrain Enrique Cantu Aranda to serve the industry needs in general but mainly manufacturing Iron chisels for deburring of engine blocks for Teksid de Mexico. These chisels were imported from Brazil before it was designed and improved by our own engineering department resulting in a better and higher performance. Later our sister company AFESA arises with the need to machine forgings(heads) for John Deere among others and there was when the strongest growth was made. Other new projects such as bushings, bar blades and articulated arms made its appearance.

By 2010 we started business with INMAGUSA(now Maxion) threaded rods, bushings and other products were developed.

On 2012 Trinity Industries of Mexico requested us high quality machined products. After a couple of years fabricating was also added to our production line due to Trinity’s highly demand of suppliers on this area.

Today we are in the process to start production for dumpsters and “heavy duty” roll-off containers for transporting metal scrap.

Also we are having an approach with new companies developing products including machining and fabricating processes for original equipment parts.



To constantly develop new clients to ensure a solid and sustained growth.



Being a leader in our industry with processes and state of the art equipment to be ahead of our competitors.

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