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The wheel is one solid piece cut from 1/2" plywood. Outside rim diameter is 16" Inside rim diameter is 15" Spoke width is 1" Spoke length is approx. 5.25" Hub diameter is 3.5" The spoke edges should be 1/8" rounded all 4 edges unless this will be a major cost factor or quote both ways. The area between the spokes is to be removed. The inside corners between spokes do not have to be square and can be radiused if you are going to use a router. The outside diameter can be made slightly smaller to facilitate cutting 18 pieces from a 4x8 sheet of ply but the difference between the rim O.D. & I.D. needs to remain 1". The shortage should be taken from the spokes. We also need a separate quote for a "rim only". No spokes, no hub but with the identical I.D & O.D. measurements (1") of the "spoked" rim since these "rims only" will sandwich the wheel with the spokes and must match. One side, the "good" side or "displayed" side of the "rim only" needs to be 1/8" radiused. We will need TWICE THE NUMBER OF THESE! Please see the attached drawing supplied as a CAD file. It’s a poor drawing but should give you an idea of what it will look like. If you are unable to read it let me know and I will send a graphics file i.e. JPG, GIF etc. This project is very simple, straightforward with a fair amount of leeway but on a very tight budget. If this project is successful it could produce much more & varied work in the future. Thanks for taking the time to look at our project.

Información del comprador

Industria Bienes de Consumo
Ciudad / Región Fairview, Texas
País USA


Número de solicitud de cotización 335423
Material Madera
Grado del material 1/2" plywood

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Categoría Pulido con guimbarda y taladrado

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Pulido con guimbarda y taladrado: El pulido de la madera con guimbarda es un proceso de corte de patrones en la superficie de la madera. El pulido con guimbarda suele realizarse en los bordes de las superficies para alisarlas, biselarlas o redondearlas. El pulido con guimbarda también se utiliza para realizar cartelas en la superficie de la madera donde poder incrustar taraceas.