Plastic Member Assembly

La solicitud de oferta lo haya originado en en USA para Ensamblaje de elementos mecánicos

Buyer requires assembly of plastic components. There are 20 components per assembly, with 2 loose components and 4 sub-assemblies.

Assembly requires connection of plastic hinged features. Also, parts are to be shrink-wrapped to a piece of single-ply (non-corregated) cardboard so that they cannot move in transit. Plastic shrink-wrap and cardboard used in assembly should be rigid and durable enough to withstand shipment

This part is NOT a 1-time orders, we need several runs made each year.

Delivery date is provided as a reference only. Buyer holds cost-savings at a higher importance than exact delivery date. Because molds may require slight alterations after pre-production samples are received, buyer understands that the exact delivery date will naturally vary.

Buyer is looking for one supplier to manufacture both RFQ's, so please also quote RFQ# 650142 in order to be considered.

Información del comprador

Ciudad / Región , Louisiana
País USA


Número de solicitud de cotización 650144

Especificaciones técnicas

Categoría Ensamblaje de elementos mecánicos

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