GLP Window Signs

La solicitud de oferta lo haya originado en en CANADA para Tejidos para la automoción

The buyer require quotations for 400,000 stickers for automobiles. Stickers are to be removable and allow for re-application multiple times.

Magnet, cling vinyl, Self-adhesive or other materials are acceptable. Will also consider suction cups to be attached to the sign. The sign can be placed on the inside or outside of the vehicle.

Material is to be solid color with a large "N" or a large "L". Sticker should be reflective material to be highly visible. Sticker should be Red or Green, but alternative colors will be accepted. Sticker and Ink (White or Black) should be UV treated to last for longer periods in a vehicle.

Rounded corners. 4.5" by 5.5". There is to be a 1/8th inch diameter drilled/punched hole in each corner. Packaged in stacks of 25. The buyer will require sample.

Información del comprador

Industria Gobierno Militar
Ciudad / Región Langley, British Columbia


Número de solicitud de cotización 470496
Material Vinilo

Especificaciones técnicas

Categoría Tejidos para la automoción

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Tejidos para la automoción: Los tejidos para la automoción incluyen las telas utilizadas en el interior del vehículo y otros usos de automoción técnica.