CNC Sheet Metal Uncoil-Level Shearing Line

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Buyer is in search of CNC Sheet Metal Uncoil-Level Shearing Line Steel Machine.

Max Width of plate 2500mm
Max thickness of plate 6mm
Range of Length 300-9999.9mm
Accuracy of shearing ±1.5mm
Amount of Level Wheels 9 13
Outside diameter of level wheels 90-135mm
Max.No of strips separation 2
Speed of feed 20000mm/min
Motor Power 1250kw
Weight 100000kg

Información del comprador

Industria Industria de las máquinas herramienta
Ciudad / Región Sanaa, San


Número de solicitud de cotización 464263

Especificaciones técnicas

Categoría Shearing Machine

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Shearing Machine: Shearing machines are a type of specialty cutting machine used to cut metal to size from sheets of larger stock by means of shear cutting. Used widely in steel furniture, refrigeration, automobile, HVAC and other industries that utilize sheet metal, shearing machines are generally used to rough-cut metal for use in other forming operations.