Tapered Device

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Production of a Tapered Device (Injection). Approximately 8.0 inch x 6.0 inch x 4.562 inch. Please see drawing for all specifications.

Buyer is open to your suggestions to reduce cost to manufacture. Material substitutions will be considered. This product will be produced with versions of varying weight but all versions must be the same size and shape shown in the 3D model attached. The method of varying weight for each version can be determined by the manufacturer. Different versions will weigh from 2-20 pounds.

Please quote for a 5 pound version and advise buyer of method that will be used to create other versions from 2-20 pounds.

All versions must be coated with rubber or a rubber like material. Various colors will be required.

Buyer will need first quantity as soon as possible. 

Please contact Buyer through MFG.com messaging system with any questions.


Número de pieza:       Item 2
Material:       Thermoplastic
Grado del material:       

Especificaciones técnicas

Categoría:Moldeo por inyección

Dimensiones8.0 x 6.0 x 4.562 inch


Uso Anual:10000.0

Moldeo por inyección: El moldeo por inyección es una técnica de fabricación para construir piezas a partir de material termoplástico. El plástico fundido se inyecta a alta presión en un molde cuya forma es inversa a la forma de la pieza deseada.