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Welcome to OPT Precision Tool Mfg. Ltd. - Our business is solving your machining problems!

Since 1998, OPT Precision Tool provides the highest quality, accurate precision machining and fabricating, at competitive prices, using state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly practices.

Quality control and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. OPT Precision Tool has developed many long-term relationships with satisfied customers in a wide variety of industries.

Whether it's milling, turning, grinding, designing & engineering, at OPT Precision Tool we will manufacture your complex, precision parts on time and with quality in mind. This is what we stand for.

"Precision, Accuracy, Speed"
The three factors that all OPT employees strive to accomplish

At OPT Precision Tool Mfg. Ltd. we are committed to providing accurate precision machining, with customized services to all of our clients, locally and globally.


Through extensive and intensive in-house training our experienced team has achieved above average industry results for precise and accurate machining.


The machinery of OPT Precision Tool Mfg. Ltd. consists of several CNC lathe and CNC milling machines, grinding machines and heavy duty drill presses allowing us to work to the exact specifications of the client.


We are ready to meet the challenge of satisfying new customers with outstanding quality workmanship and friendly service. This is the goal of all our employees.

This is what we stand for.


"What we do"
OPT Precision Tool offers the following Services and Products to our Customers:

  • Precision Machining -on CNC lathe and CNC milling machines 
  • Precision Grinding - on a surface grinding machine
  • Precision Drilling - on CNC milling machine and heavy duty drill press
  • General Machining - to customer CAD drawings or to customers samples
  • Repairing Down hole Tooling - by pad welding and machining or grinding to previous shape
  • Jig Fixtures - for any product to our customers specifications


  • Designing & Engineering - customer parts by utilizing 3D CAD technology

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