Superior Drain Cable MFG. & Supplies
Superior Drain Cable MFG. & Supplies

machining Shop in Deer Park, New York USA | milling

We are sewer and drain cable manufacturing company on the East Coast. All of our products are manufactured in the USA by Superior Drain Cable Mfg. & Supplies, Inc.


This company got started by machine shop owner and sewer and drain cleaning company owner.We had constantly having breakdowns on inferior parts coming from China. Then we decided to work together and make existing products better and new designs of our own. So a sewer and drain owner and a machine shop owner teamed up to make a better product with a competitive price or less. Any product made by Superior Drain Cable will outlast any product.  We are now setting up 8 utility patents and in the design phase in making the best sewer and drain machine. Please check out our website frequently for new changes and new products.


  • Machining


  • Plumbing Hardware
  • Aerospace - Automotive - Defense - Food & Beverage - Manufacturing - Pharmaceuticals -
  • auto parts


  • swiss type turning
  • Matsura Mill
  • Hundai_Wia L280LM C Axis
  • Brother 3-Axis Mill
  • EDM Machine
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Superior Drain Cable MFG. & Supplies Superior Drain Cable MFG. & Supplies
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  • 2019-02-04
Good part with quick turn around. Two piece mating assembly needed deburr to thread parts together but fine for quick prototype.
Sam G.
  • Deer Park, New York
  • USA 11729