SuZhou Any Machinery Co.Ltd苏州市安易机械有限公司
SuZhou Any Machinery Co.Ltd苏州市安易机械有限公司

Fabrication shop, Stamping shop 江苏 (Jiangsu), China, Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer

Suzhou Anyi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in sheet metal processing and production of private enterprises, self-employed export, self-built 2 standards factory building total 14000 square meters, covers an area of 10000 square meters, is located in the Suzhou high-speed beltway and Su Jiahang high-speed interchange, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation, the company address:
No.9 Road, Yangchenghu Industry, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou city, Jiangsu.

Company to introduce Japan AMADA CNC punch press, CNC punching machine 1 sets of the radius of 1 AMADA bending machine 2 sets, 1 sets of ordinary bending machine,6*2500 hydraulic shearing machine 1 sets, 1 sets of welding (1200mm), rolling machine 1 sets (1250mm), argon welding machine 4 sets, OTC gas shielded welding
machine 8 sets, OTC aluminum welding machine 1 sets, 2 sets of pneumatic spot
welding machine, stud welding machine 1 sets, 2 sets of TOX press, 125 tons, 40 tons of general rushed 1 sets of 2 sets of ordinary punching sheet metal processing equipment, the near future we will be based on business needs the introduction of high power laser cutting machine. Machinable aluminized zinc plate, cold plate, hot plate,galvanized plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, SECC SGCC (5052, 6061), stainless steel and copper and so on various boards, the processing capacity up to 2000 tons, not only can blanking punching, forming, bending and welding can also were responsible for the agent
for polishing, spraying, plating, sandblasting, wire drawing and other surface treatment.

The company mainly produces aluminum zinc coated sheet SF6 ring net cabinet cabinet fixed cabinet of low-voltage electrical cabinet, exports of Australian fine display,electric spark wire cutting machine tool control box and a filtering tank,engraving and milling machine shell, air conditioning all kinds of tuyere wind decoration air valve, network switches, elevator accessories, can be thought of supporting the production design of the electrical equipment, communication
equipment, textile machinery, engineering machinery and other
industries to manufacture a variety of high quality sheet metal products, also can according to your samples or drawings processing.

Strong technical force, has a group of experienced professional and technical personnel of the sheet metal: 1 engineers 3 senior engineers, inspectors 2. The company has installed the PROE, SOLIDWORK, autoCAD, TEKSOFT, AP100 and other design software, can quickly deal with the customers of all kinds product file,shortening the period provided by the customer to the product sample.

• can
process aluminized zinc plate, cold plate, hot plate SPCC SPHC, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet SECC SGCC (5052, 6061), stainless steel and copper and other materials, can not only blanking punching, forming,bending and round welding (gas protection welding, argon welding, seam welding can also be polishing, painting, plating, sandblasting, wire drawing and other surface treatment.

The company's main production of aluminized zinc plate SF6 ring network cabinet,cabinet, fixed cabinet, marble cutting machine, electric spark linear cuttingmachine tool control box, air conditioning all kinds of tuyere wind decorationair valve, diphenyl heating box, network switches, elevator fittings for the electrical equipment, communications equipment, general electrical, textile machinery, engineering machinery industry enterprises supporting the production design and manufacture all kinds of high quality sheet metal products. Our
company can produce TROX VSD Series bar box, VDL square pyramid static pressure box, the panel can also according to your samples or drawings processing.

The company has mentioned the ISO9001.2008 quality management system, has the full import of Kingdee KIS Professional Edition ERP warehouse management system.

• company into a comprehensive quality management system, with ten years of professional experience and sheet metal technology to provide high quality service for you

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  • Electroplating plate
  • SF6 Ring Network Cabinets
  • High Votage Cabinets


  • Electrical Equipment
  • Communications Equipment


  • CNC turret punch press 30T 1Set
  • AMADA CNC turret punch press 1 set
  • AMADA bending machine
  • hydraulic bending machine
  • Hydraulic shears
  • Roll round Machine

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SuZhou Any Machinery Co.Ltd苏州市安易机械有限公司 SuZhou Any Machinery Co.Ltd苏州市安易机械有限公司
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