St. Charles Stamping & Tooling, LLC
St. Charles Stamping & Tooling, LLC

Blanking Die Making shop, Compound Die Making shop Illinois, USA, Supplier

Basic Stamping to Finished Components

  • Short runs or quantities in the hundreds of thousands
  • Single piece-part or assembly of many parts
  • Small or large parts
  • Many secondary operations including plating, heat treating, etc.

Tooling Built For Consistency in Part Quality

  • Uncompromising standards in tool design and construction
  • Dies engineered and build in-house by dedicated craftsmen
  • Dies carefully maintained for the life of the part at no extra cost
  • Creativity in tool design and manufacturing to save you money

Quality and Production Control to Satisfy Your Demands

  • Ability to meet your customers' unique quality standards and delivery schedules
  • We combine customer oriented quality and production controls to ensure good parts delivered on schedule

Design Involvement and Quality Optimization

  • We offer our expertise in stamping during the early design stages to achieve optimum results
  • Working with your engineers, we can create a part of required quality at the best cost


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  • Saint Charles, Illinois
  • USA 60174