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Quality work. On-Time delivery. Integrity in service. James Spencer - owner of Spencer's Machine is a highly qualified machinist with over 32 years experience.


Spencer's Machine specializes in CNC mill work,sawing,NC plasma cutting and has been in business since 1989.


Spencer's Machine is a certified United States government supplier with an excellent delivery and quality rating.


  • Composite Materials
  • Ferrous Metals
  • Plastics & Rubber
  • Wood
  • Noble Metals


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Electronics and Semiconductor
  • Engineering & Design
  • Fabricated Metals
  • Goverment Military
  • Goverment Non-Military
  • Machinary and Tools
  • Measuring and Control Instruments
  • Medical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
Overall Rating Averages    (Total Ratings Received: 10 , Unique Customers: 6)

Spencer's Machine Spencer
Reviews Project Rating Quality Responsiveness Delivery
  • #769480
  • 2015-05-21
Great Job
Tensay J.
  • #768917
  • 2015-05-14
The price was very competitive and the turnaround was exceptional, about a week from award to delivery. Unfortunately, the parts I received from Spencer's were below average on quality in a number of areas. The parts were clearly water jetted on a very low quality or fast setting and/or a low end water jet. There are visible and deep groves along the entire cut edge, and a noticeable kerf along the cut where one side of the part is noticeable larger (about 1/32" to 1/16") than the other. My drawings clearly spelled out a tolerance of 1/100" and the parts are well outside of this. For example, the drawings called for hole dimensions of 0.26" and 0.32" to fit 0.25" and 0.3125" bolts. I have have to drill out all the holes myself since my bolts do not fit in about 90% of the holes. The finish of the parts was generally ok. It looks like they were put in a tumbler. However, about 15% of the parts have deep, ugly scratches on the faces. I had a similar parts made many years ago by a local machinist and comparing Spencer's parts to the ones made years ago, Spencer's parts look like junk in comparison. I am considering either refinishing the faces and sides to clean up these parts or just scrapping the parts altogether and having them remade since they of such low quality. Considering the low quality of workmanship for my first experience with Spencer's, I have no desire to trust Spencer's with any repeat business.
Mo S.
  • #373991
  • 2008-04-01
Joanne C.
  • #373964
  • 2008-04-01
Joanne C.
  • #373953
  • 2008-04-01
Joanne C.
  • #381994
  • 2006-09-28
good mfg'er
Gary O.
  • #381996
  • 2006-09-28
good mfg'er
Gary O.
  • #382005
  • 2006-09-28
good mfg'er
Gary O.
  • #372855
  • 2006-06-12
Will use this supplier again!
Laurie S.
  • #372865
  • 2006-05-10
James Spencer is great to work with. He delivered the parts on time and the quality of work was perfect.
Robert B.
  • Granbury, Texas
  • USA 76049