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Sunland Industry Co., Ltd. was found in 2002, manufacturer, main business are metal nonstandard fasten hardware, components and accessories, to West Europe and China mainland.



Our Policy: Bring supply chain solutions with MAX service & possibility



We can bring complete supplying chain solutions to our clients in one step, from manufacturer to final door to door service in Europe and China.


DDP delivery in Europe is our special ability.



Value to customers: Price + Quality + Service


  1.  Price:     Manufacturer’s directly basic price;


  1.  Quality:   Over 10 years record, in products’ quality, company’s background, as important suppliers to some international famous customer companies;


  1.  Service:   Over 10 years DDP service in Germany, bring clean and effective solutions to customer, including:


           . Service managers in Europe with language of English, German, Chinese;

           . Door to door DDP delivery, with complete logistic service;

           . Contact, payment, solving problem in Europe;

           . Good technology understanding and supporting from beginning to end;


We focus our business model, putting value in one step to your customers’ hands.






Sunland is focusing nonstandard fasten hardware, mainly for components and accessories for windows’ and doors’ fitting, locks’ fitting, furniture’s’ fitting, and other small size hardware, almost sizes < 500MM.


Multi manufacture ability:

  1. Cold forging;
  2. Stamping;
  3. Machining;
  4. Casting, for zinc alloy and aluminum die-casting;
  5. Turning;
  6. Tooling making;
  7. Rapid prototyping;
  8. Assembling and final quality controlling;


Owned manufacture ability makes the final solution effective and possible to customer with PRICE + QUALITY + SERVICE, when almost operation under directly controlling.





The original founder of Sunland Industry is Mr. Liu Bin, both as one quality engineer and international technology products businessman.


From 1996, Mr. Liu Bin started to engineer products from air aviation products to Germany airlines. By such fact, Mr. Liu Bin realized that one huge market existing between China and Germany, especially for quality and engineering products.


The beginning business model was from “Trading + Quality controlling and proof”, for Chinese engineer products to Germany, with many success and big lessons both. The key fact is the huge difference, as culture difference, industry basic conditions, operation habit, quality standards, etc.


In order to solve thse problem, Mr. Liu Bin started to create Sunland system:


  1. 1999, Created service station in Germany;


  1. 2002, Created Sunland Industry in Ningbo, China;

           Focusing to engineering preparation and final quality proof;


  1. 2002, Starting DDP delivery industry components to some famous German componies for windows’ and doors’ fitting;


  1. 2004,   Starting owned manufacture factory;


  1. 2005,   Increasing turn over with DDP delivery in Germany and China both for components and assembled accessories;


2012,   Fix company’s strategy and policy; 

         To our customers, we will bring them Price + Quality + Service.






Mainly, to Europe market, Sunland has special ability in industry components and accessories.


PRICE BETTER is always Sunland’s solution. By supply chain management, Sunland can send original manufactured products from China to Europe customers’ warehouse, with min costing and controlling.


There are three main kinds of competitors of Sunland in Europe market:

     . Asian manufacturers;

     . Europe manufacturers;

     . Europe trading companies with original products from Asia;


Sunland can bring better solution to customers:


I)          To Asian manufacturers competitors:

a)      DDP delivery + direct communication in Europe;

b)      10 years historic record and experience already;

c)      Fast management speed + Good understanding;


II)         To Europe manufacturers competitors:

a)      Prices better;

b)      Multi processing products and possibility:       Can bring different processing in one package, stamping, machining, die-casting, tooling, rapid prototype, assembling, special packages with hands working, etc;

c)      New possibilities;


III)       To Europe trading companies with original products from Asia:

a)      Prices better;

b)      Many simple and direct efficiency from beginning manufacture and quality controlling;

c)      Fast management speed;


These are our specialties!






Except detail technology administration, our customers in Europe keep business with Sunland because of GENERAL quality solutions:


a)      History:       Sunland has 10 years business history in Germany industry for metal nonstandard components and accessories;


b)      Safe:           Customers can pay 100% or part, after they getting cargo with DDP delivery;


c)      Agreements, contracts, problem solving inside Europe:     By service station in Hamburg;


d)      Simple and clean communication inside Europe:     The service station in Hamburg can bring such service in one step;


e)      Service nearly same as Europe companies:


f)        Technology quality:   Perfect!


These are Sunland’s QUALITY!




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It is a very happy experience for us, that we cooperated with Sunland for this deal. From beginning till ending, everything is perfect. Sunland is a good producer. We are looking forwards to make other deals with Sunland again in the future. Sunland, thanks a lot and cheers for you.
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