Machining, Forging, Casting, Fabrication, DOD, Metal Tanks

Saicad offers , CNC Machining, Metal Fabrication(Welding and Laser Cutting) and Forging capabilities.

Saicad is a Dept of Defense (DoD) and a DLA approved manufacturer.

Our Facilities are located in San Jose, (Silicon Valley), CA, USA and  Near Mumbai, India. We have two contract manufacturing facilities in Hungary, Europe and Mexico.

Saicad offers complete range of Oil Tanks, Tank Accessories, CNC Machining and Small Parts Fabrication. Our clients are leaders in the Hydraulics, Material Handling, Construction and Design consultancy. 

 Our product ranges from CNC Machined Parts, Forgings, Stationary and Mobile Oil Tanks, Tank Accessories, Hydraulic Valve Manifolds, Flanges, Mounts, Shafts, and Crane parts.

Saicad products are manufactured in  state-of art production facilities using standard engineering processes and very strict quality control procedures. We believe in strictly adhering to the ISO/DIN/NFPA standards. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet these standards.  

Saicad offers 3-D model printing services (outsourced), so that clients can  see and feel the custom designs we co-engineer with them. From the idea stage, which maybe paper sketch to the final product, we guide the design, production, test and assembly of the hydraulic system to your satisfaction.


We offer in-house CAD ,CAD Simulation and Engineering services. For our client-partners we host private cloud services, where we host the CAD design files, and our engineers and client engineers can jointly work in a real-time ,secure environment from anywhere, at any time. 



  • CNC machine
  • Tank Fabrication
  • valve
  • valve & pump castings
  • vessel sinks
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum


  • Aerospace
  • Automobile
  • materail handling equipment
  • Defence


  • CNC
  • Mill and Lathe machining
  • CMM
  • TIG & MIG Welding
  • laser & plasma cutting machines
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  • 2016-10-12
Although this vacuum wafer holder did not work, it was a design error and part was made to spec. but, warped in manufacturing process. Vendor was helpful in discussions and overall it was a good learning experience. Redesigned part works well!
Martin M.
  • Hollister, California
  • USA 95023