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Since 1971 and 35 years in Manufacturing Clothing of all sorts.

We specialize in leading edge technology of fabrics also Hi Wicking and Ripstock fabrics etc Proban fire resistant anti static and also Kevlar and Nomex. and Nano-tec fabrics and finishes.

More importantly at a saving of around 20% compared to buying from middle men and distributors we are the manufacturers there for we hand on the saving of buying directly.
We are the most competitive in our field of expertise in Manufacturing and exporting or importing the goods for the customer so they don’t need to worry as we will handle all the relative paperwork if they haven’t imported before.
Also we can design ranges specifically for the customer in their own company colours and this is normally with companies of over 200 staff this becomes a viable way to save a lot of your buying budget or you can simply buy from our stock range of garments and have what ever qty’s you need embroidered , Printed or Heat sealed.
We also cover Hi-visibility safety wear also .

All types of cloths from Nomex, to Gortex and every conceivable type of Knitted fabric there is also poly wool Mixes for Suiting’s Treivera, Cotton, Silk, Antistatic fabrics, Cotton twills, oxford weave shirting’s, CVC shirting’s, Breathable fabrics for coats and outerwear, for sportswear, Hi-Wicking antiperspirant finishes etc Hotels trade 2x100s for pillowcases and heavy weight toweling also.Tyvek. and anti fire retardant fabrics for welding and dagerious areas of working.NBC suits and BDU’s for Military.

We use CAD design equipment, and have laser cutting machines, air flotation tables, in the factory and fully automated production Lines, Embroidery, Screen Print, and heat seal machines. BB cap embroidery heads also. Off the arm twin needle machines and UBT lockstitch and fully computerize button-hole and button sew machines. Rivet and Tack Button Machines,
Press studs fully automated machine attachment also.

There is Quality control supervisors at every stage of Manufacture and in some case we invite SGS international on behalf of our clients to inspect the goods prior to dispatch at their cost as these are internationally renowned QC inspectors of good bought from any where in the world all goods are QC’d and checked at every stage also we seal all samples with the end buyer so there are no nasty surprises when they get their delivery it will be exactly what they have already pre-agreed in the sealed samples and packaging requirements etc. We work to ISO 2000. 2001 standards and various other levels of QC required. BS standard, and CE marks also.

We are unique in the level of service that we offer I will travel world-wide to satisfy customers requests and we always believe that being very straight with the customers is the best way to do business we only promise what we know we can do and carry out efficiently.

Most of our clients are household names and also MOD which is totally restricted but names such as Mercedes, Coca Cola, HM Prisons, MOD contracts, Mc Donalds, Disney, UK and USA.
Most of the clients sign confidentiality agreements as we are using their Logos so there designs are restricted as they belong to that particular client but we are happy to disclose design briefs and refs from the less notable clients with there consent.

We are always on time with deliveries as we build in time for any hic-ups that may occur and any delays that become apparent we notify the buyers immediately and overcome the problem . But generally we always deliver on time as in our business if you don’t. The staff have no clothing, so this is a vital part of our service that we maintain it. As it has been critical for our success over the years.

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Quality Workwear 4U Limited Sam Steel Shirts Quality  Workwear 4U Limited Sam Steel Shirts
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Great company to work with! We will use again!
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