Procurement Partners International, Inc.
Procurement Partners International, Inc.

Machining Stamping Casting Forging Spring & Wire Forming Molding

We are a privately owned company with all of the members having a vested interest in the organization.

PPI Inc. has been active for over 16 years as a manufacturer’s business representative firm. As a result of our strong partnerships, we have limitless access to technology, volumes, and flexible lead times. Our worldwide network represents a multitude of highly respected, top rated manufacturers, designers, and assemblers both in the U.S. and Off Shore.

PPI Inc. is focused on providing mechanical components, including shafts, pins, rods, rollers, sheet metal, stampings, die casting, screw machine, MIM, plastic parts, gaskets, ceramics, magnets, and a diverse mix of 3M tapes and heat dissipation pads. We also provide printed circuit boards and electronic assembly.

Let us meet with your team to understand your requirements for mechanical parts, electronic assembly, and PCBs.

We can help with:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Yield Improvements
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Design Improvements

Based on your requirements, we will offer competitive pricing and overall supply chain solutions to meet and exceed your demands.

We have expert technical support available to assist your engineers in meeting the goals outlined in your product development specifications. We will meet your Cpk requirements and maintain the reliability/consistency of our manufacturing process. We will also continually make recommendations for further cost and quality improvements.


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Procurement Partners International, Inc. Procurement Partners International, Inc.
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Great to work with, very responsive to our needs. Will use again.
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