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Omachron Plastics Inc. manufactures & supplies plastic:

- Machine Grade Blocks & Rods

- Sheets

- Custom Extruded Profiles 

- Custom Injection Molded Parts


Our specialties:

- Low-stress, injection-molded parts up to 200 lbs;

- Thin features and thick walls without sink marks;

- Cost-effective short runs;

- Tight tolerances.


All our products are manufactured in Canada!


We are your new go-to source for unique, colored and affordable plastics perfect for prototyping and production.

We believe that empowering individuals and Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMBs) is the key to promoting creativity, innovation, and the future of manufacturing.


Latest article about us in Plastics Technology Magazine:

Compact Extruder Is Potent, Energy Efficient




  • Solid Machine Grade Plastics up to 8" Diameter


  • Industrial Plastics Products
  • CNC shop
  • Plumbing Components
  • plumbing fittings
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  • Hampton, Ontario
  • Canada L0B 1J0