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MingHua International Sourcing Co., Limited was founded by AndyLiu with a group of experienced people in product design & development, production control, quality control and market sales since 2008. all the people are ambitious, enthusiasm and innovative. They have more than 10 years of working experience with US and Europe enterprise & companies and provide good service for client.



Minghua Sourcing has established a series of function team in order to provide professional service and prompt response for customer:


Purchase team: to sourcing product and qualified factory, service for customer with customer for update status of project. Collect sample from factory.



Development & engineering team: to develop product as per customer’s idea, create 3D mold and 2D drawing, follow up product in development & mass product stage. Solve any problem when found problem from production. To review factory’s capacity and capability. To support technical knowledge for purchase team


Quality team: to inspect product during production stage and final stage. Inspect the product as per customer’s standard and AQL standard. Control any defective before ship goods to customer.


Supply chain manages team: to control the supplier, and keep supplier for our qualified supplier. update the status of factory per month


Logistics team: to arrange shipment and solve any shipment problem


These are our team function, by these closed and professional team, we offer series of service to customer:


Product sourcing


Product development


Quality control


Pricing negotiation


Sample collection


Shipment arrangement


Supply chain management.


MingHua International Sourcing Co., Limited has established

excellent and long-term business relationship with overthan

500 qualified manufacturers. All of these manufacturers have

gained Quality Controlling Systems and complete Spare Parts

Supplying Systems from MingHua Sourcing.


Product catalog (Product range) supplied:

a. Individual Aluminum: Construction, LED component, aviatic component, picture frame…and other civil, industry product.


b. Steel (metal): Picture frames, Display frames, display racks, carts, kitchen ware and other metal product.


c. Plastic, metal and metal alloy product: Paper punch (maker), cutting mat, paper cutting tools (trimmer…), custom cutting systems, picture frames, storage box, shoes rack, coffee maker, electronic rion (steam, portable), picture & photo collection boxes…… and others.


d. Wooden product: Picture frames, display frames, boxes, cabinets……and other.


e. Sewing product: Lady bag, trolley bag , tool bag, cooler bag and travelling bag…..and others.


Product process involved:

Plastic & metal injection.


Plastic & metal extrusion


Metal die casting.


Metal Stamping.


Wooden process.


Cut & sewn process.

In order to ensure consistent product quality and proper supplier selection for our valued customer, we offer a best product and suppli chain control process for all the customers as below:

1. Preproduction

  1. Physical plant surveys to evaluate manufacturing and storage facilities, production stability and capacities. Surveys include use of any subcontractors or outsourced production processes.
  2. In-depth quality assurance reviews including incoming material controls, in-process quality controls and final inspection quality criteria are conducted.
  3. Social accountability concerns are reviewed including vendor employee interviews.
  4. Processing of contractual agreements and terms of supply.
  5. Factory assessment report is generated which indicates all major/minor nonconformities along with a recommendation to proceed or not to proceed with vendor qualification process.

2. Production

  1. Detailed product specs and quality criterion are developed.
  2. Pilot run and product testing before mass production begins.
  3. “Golden sample” and Min/Max range boards are used to confirm agreed product acceptance criteria.
  4. Statistical process controls, rework stages and final pass yields are monitored to define potential areas of risk.

3. Final Inspection

  1. Every shipment is inspected by an MingHua Sourcing quality inspector prior to authorization for final shipment release.
  2. Inspections utilize a comprehensive and product specific inspection procedure (IP) developed during design stage and encompassing customer’s requirements.
  3. Random sample inspection limits are defined using AQL sampling and inspection methodologies. Expanded level of inspections for newly qualified or vendors with historical quality concerns.

4. Follow-up Audits and Compliance Reviews

  1. Ongoing random and unannounced vendor audits.
  2. Use of external third party test facilities to ensure product compliance where necessary.
  3. Effectively communicate ongoing expectations and defined measures of success.

While our agent cooperation, we will provide details documents for our customer as below:

Factory Evaluation report: any new supplier we need to work who has to must be complied with these document.


Sample review report: while develop product stage, any new sample from factory, we will send sample to customer for review along with a report as attached.


Inspection Protocol: this is a quality standard agreement between customer, factory and us. We will implement this standard during final inspection.


Corrective Action Plan report: when we get any problem from production and from customer complain, we will have detail analysis report, from the report, we will indicate the root cause and corrective countermeasure.


Standard operation process(作业指导书): This is created by our factory, and this is what we requested to do as in order to make clear for workers.(not attached, as size of content limited)


CPK report.


BOM & Drawings


Meeting recap with factory, Injection Parameter record


D&PFMEA report


Control Plan.


Client service is our primary focus. Since 2008, MingHua International Sourcing has set a standard of excellence in the sourcing industry for innovation, cost savings, and solid strategic partnerships. Every aspect of our business is enhanced by the energy and enthusiasm we bring to our client partnerships. Our strength comes from the people who work every day to take the extra step toward complete client satisfaction.

MingHua International Sourcing has built a reputation for excellence in all aspects of the sourcing, supply-chain management business and factory evaluation system. We stand behind our reputation and our word. We look forward to the opportunity to show you why.


Custom Manufacturing Services


  • Construction
  • LED Component
  • Aviatic Component
  • Picture Frame
  • Carts
  • Kitchen Ware


  • ISO 9000


  • CNC center
  • Gringing Machine
  • CNC Makino-s33
  • wire cutting
  • Wire Cutting ROBOFIL380
  • Milling Machine WE-6800-2
  • Injection Machinery HT 80H
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Great Company
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Great Company
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