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Meccanotecnica Riesi

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MECCANOTECNICA RIESI S.r.l. is a company producing high precision mechanical components and spare parts for use in medium and large industries.

The company was founded in 1992 and operates internationally and nationally. The factory, built on 6,691 m2 area of which 1,000 m2 are covered, is located near the south Riesi exit on the Caltanissetta-Gela motorway.


The location is among the most important industrial centres in Sicily, with companies such as Agip of Gela, Italkali, Esso, Enichem, ST Microelectronics of Catania, INFN-LNS, Alelco and Polimeri of Siracusa and Ragusa.

MECCANOTECNICA RIESI S.r.l has obtained the attached Quality System Certification UNI EN ISO 9002 from DNV.




MECCANOTECNICA RIESI S.r.l. can produce:

Spare Parts

manufacturing of shafts, racket rings, bushes, valves, hinges, ...

high precision grinding down and lapping of rods and bushes for compressors in steel and tugsten carbide

grinding down of valve components

grinding down of thrust-bearing blocks for turbines


braised rubbles of tungsten carbide

white metal rubbles, antifriction with centrifugation, by drop, with sprat, by casting

rubbles by wire, electrode and tig

rubbles with stellit dust and other kinds of ceramic dust.

Melted elements

melting rotors, supports and other elements in cast iron, aluminium, bronze, stainless steel and special steel


special components and equipment for the electronics industry

components for steel frameworks

manufacturing knives for slicing-machine and head knives for plastic materials

special equipment and mechanicals parts according to Customer drawings

manufacturing heads for polymer extrusion

boring bars and stand tools for special machines

shock-absorber for valves

Wear and tears parts:

sliding guide, guides for grinding down parts

counter points and guide bushes

The most highly-respected products manufactured by MECCANOTECNICA RIESI S.r.l., are the extruder die plates,manufactured directly or repaired for routine in emergency maintenance. The extrudr die plates produced by MECCANOTECNICA RIESI S.r.l. fully satisfy the technical requirements of the increasingly demanding needs of customers.


To date, we have manufactured extrude die plates from 150 mm to 1000 mm diameter to Italian and foreign customers.Concerning the product's specifications, the extruder die plates manufactured by MECCANOTECNICA RIESI S.r.l. present a cutting surface composed of a mosaic of tungsten carbide bushings set, brazed and welded with silver alloy in order to obtain a wear and tear proof surface;all holes are rectified just the product will have a mark-free cut. All the extruder die plates are tested at pressures over 60 bar.

Cooperating with research centres, MECCANOTECNICA RIESI S.r.l. has also manufactured components for reactors working at high pressure (racket rings, bushes, lenticular gaskets, etc) and absolute vacuum applications.


Moreover, MECCANOTECNICA RIESI S.r.l. has produced aluminium paraboloids for an astronomical observatory in Argentina. Their peculiarity consisted in creating 440 holes, on a surface of less than 1 m2 of 40 mm in diameter, and 1800 holes of 3.2 mm diameter with extremely requirements for the finishing of the holes, and all having an axis facing the focus point of the parabola.

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