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Leadwin Precision Technologies, Inc. established in 1998 at Fremont, California. With experienced staffs and years in industry, Leadwin is capable of custom manufacturing from product design, production and assembly. We are familiar with total processes so we can anticipate the problems and prepare a solution. One of our strengths is to help our customers to modify their product design in order to save tooling cost and production cost.

Another strength is that we can help our clients to verify the match of each part and take care of modification to ensure final assembly functions properly. Leadwin is flexible. Leadwin takes care of small production as well as mass production. At client’s interest, Leadwin offers various choices. Customers can choose their products to be made in US or offshore by our headquarters. We guarantee the quality of goods from offshore as well as from US. Customers can enjoy the lower cost from offshore. We help our clients to import goods from offshore.

In addition, our lead time is normally one week shorter than industry and we always deliver in time. Lead Win Industrial Corp., established in 1987, is the headquarters in Taiwan. Leadwin (HQs) offer SLA, CAD, reverse engineering, molds for plastic injection, die casting, sheet metal stamping, plastic and rubber parts. The product of IBM, KODAK, HONDA…contains the components made by us. We are pleased to send you business reference. For more information, please visit www.leadwin.com or call us at (510) 747-9484, we will assign a senior engineer to assist you.


  • Rubber and Silicone Rubber
  • zinc / aluminum alloy part
  • Metal & Plastic parts
  • Stainless / Aluminum / Brass / Bronze / Copper / Plastics
  • Mold & Die Making
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Design & Consultation
  • tolerance for metal parts can be in 0.005mm
  • tolerance for plastic parts can be in 0.01mm
  • Medical
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Leadwin Precision Technologies, Inc. Leadwin Precision Technologies, Inc.
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