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In 1990, Rebecca Portman left her job with a manufacturing company that was failing to meet customer needs. With an initial investment of $350, she established JOBAP Assembly in Middlefield, OH, to provide electrical and mechanical subcontracting services to a broad range of suppliers to the military, industrial, transportation, medical, and construction sectors of the economy.


Becky, who delights in “the unique jobs—those things that aren’t standard,” oversees the daily operations of JOBAP as owner and president of the company. Prototyping a special harness for heart defibrillation with Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic is just one example of a project that relied upon JOBAP’s technical expertise and attention to detail.


JOBAP Assembly Inc. has an all-female management team that prides itself on a customer-centered work ethic. The company offers both the flexibility to handle small orders, and room enough to scale up quickly to complete large orders. Live support via Skype provides customer service in real time to clients worldwide.


In 2008, Rebecca Portman was named “Entrepreneur of the Year in Electronic and Mechanical Manufacturing” by Cambridge Who’s Who, based on her accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership and service. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Hiram College.

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Good quality, very responsive, and delivered on time!
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Great quality, very responsive, and delivered on time
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Great quality, very responsive, and on time delivery!
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Great quality, very responsive, and on time delivery!
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Great Quality, Always Responsive, and Delivered on Time
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Great job on a challenging project
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Good quality and very quick on delivery time. We will be using Jobap again in the future!
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