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Inglar d.o.o. (Ltd) Comp. was founded by Eng. Lazar Štefan, the present owner and manager, in 1990. The company started to operate to a lesser extent in 1992. The then production program of the company was a production of wire-strings and plastic strings used in the wine-growing industry. 

In 1997, the company bought a share of a once successful ELRAD d.d. (Inc.) Comp. that went bankrupt and it re-started a new production of aerials and accessories. Nowadays, the company has still been proceeding with the over 50-year old tradition of production of aerials in Gornja Radgona.
In the course of time, three basic production programs have been introduced in our company: the aerial program, the galvanization services and the production of other metal products, primarily for the needs of car production industry.


In 2001, the company was successfully certified and obtained the international ISO 9001 Quality Standard, respectively, and the ISO 9001:2000 in 2003, as well. Within the complex of requirements of some customers, the company successfully fulfils the required elements of the VDA 6.1 Standard for Vehicles.
Most of our products are sold directly or indirectly onto West-European markets. We act as direct exporter in several countries, e.g. Germany, Italy, Hungary, France, Croatia, Australia, Greece, Cyprus, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, as well as some Near East countries, etc. In the first years of operation, our company had a very fast growth and, according to some studies of turnover growth criteria per employed person in 2000 and 2001, it was ranked among the fastest growing companies in Slovenia. The scope of operation and the growth of turnover were almost 16 % on average in the years 1998 – 2003. The initial average number of employees was 54 in 1997 and it increased to 81 in 2004.
We have to mention also the daughter company Alra d.o.o., which was founded in 2002 and has 14 employees in production plant, in Ormož. Company produces car antennas for known German company, which transferred production and technology from Germany to Slovenia. Antennas are built in cars like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Jaguar are made also as reserve parts.

Today, we can say that we successfully work with most of major European companies dealing with the aerial production program and that, for some of them; we make high-quality products under their or our trademarks. In any case, we can also affirm that as such we are certainly one of the leading European companies working primarily on the roof aerial production program. We are convinced that our know-how and experience as well as readiness will always be at your disposal if you decide to co-operate with us. We are also sure that in case of co-operation we are able to become your important and excellent partner and to co-operate successfully and correctly to complete mutual satisfaction.

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