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IN HONG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. established since 1995 and we are located in Taiwan Kaohsiung’s Renwu Township. IN HONG treasures all of its vendors, clients and employees as value assets and since establishment, we endeavour to initiate the future through professional operation and win-win partnership with our clients.


  • 1995

We started business with polishing process of fan blade of IDF fighter jet TFE-1042 engine. With stable quality and on time delivery service, we then cooperated with several other blade processing plants to process blade-related orders for AIDC (Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation) for parts such as fan blade, turbine blade and air-intake guide vane, as well as small blade orders for CSIST (Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology) and generator moving/stator blade related orders for power plants. Over the decades, we have been serving our clients with the commitment of safety, quality and efficiency!!


  • 2003

To help our clients controlling and managing quality and problems more efficiently in production processes, we restructured and expanded capabilities including OEM, development and Inventory Management.


  • 2008

Expanding our capabilities further, backed by stable quality and delivery performance, we were offered opportunities to serve more 3D- part makers.  Multiple production management systems (ERP, MIS, and MOT) and web-based reporting platform were built up to enhance our capabilities and competitiveness. With web-based reporting platform, production management team is able to manage all project schedules at office and vendors’ real-time order status at procedure change will become more clearly via this order- status-tracking platform. Furthermore, process engineers are assigned for recording clients' products processing and OIS requirements, aiming to shorten the time spent on management and operation between vendors and clients and thus achieve efficient operation.


  • 2009

Finished goods inventory services were introduced, which allows us - after long term agreement is signed - to have finished goods inventory in advance for our customers based on their annual demand. As a result, time from order placement to execution is shortened, access to more business opportunity gained through prompt delivery and competitiveness of our company and clients increased.


  • 2011

Obtained ISO9001-2008 certification and passed ISO9001-2008 Certification in December.


  • 2012

Second factory was expanded with capability on hard and brittle material machining and also purchased more CNC machines to provide more services for our clients.


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Custom Manufacturing Services


  • shaft
  • piston pins
  • piston ring
  • Pistons
  • Ring
  • Nipple
  • Lock Ring
  • Locking Pins
  • Bushings


  • ISO 9001 : 2008

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