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Mfgrs. of Plastic Machines, Moulds & Product developments


DAVE TECHNICAL SERVICES (DTS), Winners of PLASTICON Awards 2005 for Innovative Plastics Processing Machinery and Received Recognition of Excellence in the category of Machinery for Package Conversion, Feb 2010 from Institute of Packaging Machinery manufacturers of India (IPMMI) is engaged in manufacturing of Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding Machineries, Product Development, and Consultancy, since 1982


BLOW machines from 1 mls to 3000 mls.

Bottle Neck cutting machine

INJECTION moulding machines from 20 gms to 400 gms capacities.

Vertical Injection Model for Hand Mould and Fix Moulds upto 80 gms.

We undertake Development of tailor made Products and MOULDS.

Production of Tailored Made Critical Plastic Blow / Injection articles from 0.5 mls onwards

  In our efforts to encourage Self Employment, Provide Business Opportunity for the weaker section of society and small Entrepreneurs, we have specially developed Mini Plastics projects (Injection, Blow, Pet Blow and plastic Film, bags machines) which are Efficient, Economical and Convenient  for the common people to start and sustain own industry with very small capital.


Mini Blow models in 100 & 200mls:

The Mini plastic machine models have been developed with view of providing business model  & creating opportunity for the poor, Under and  Uneducated Youths, Entrepreneurs in Cities, Urban and Rural areas  to start their own industry for growth and to escape the endless cycle of poverty

We also provide machines suitable for Critical Blown articles, for Educational Demonstrations in plastic polymer Colleges and Institutes, Master batch sampling / testing, ASTM specimen moulding for plastic Testing laboratory and for ENTREPRENEURS to start their own industry with low capital investment and be self employed.

We collaborate with our customers to provide Tailor-made and added-value solutions for their application challenges.

Apart from manufacturing Plastic Machineries we  Develop and give Production of Tailor Made Plastic Blow & Injection Moulded articles like:

 Plastic Product developments for Disposables / Medical Devices


Medical droppers / Disposables, Pipettes,

Bottles for diagnostic kits, Tubes for Respirometer,  

Catheter mount (Flexible Tube) for Nebuliser,


Bottles, containers & tubes (single layer) for Pharma industry


Other Products developed for other industry are:


Bellows in different sizes and flexibilities for varied applications

Bellow bottles for Grease and oil packaging

Bottles and Tubes for cynoacrylates and Glue (1 mls – 25 mls)

Baby products like Teethers

Straws (Flexible / Bending),

Drill bits, blades and other industrial tools packaging boxes

Containers (collapsible / re stretchable)

Toy parts

Float balls (PP) for chemical, electroplating industry

And any other Tailor made products, Moulds / Dies  as per your design / samples.



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