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Services DPI offers design and development services from concept generation through the final design ready for product introduction. We can help you meet your schedule by designing single components, complete subassemblies, or your entire product. DPI will work with your design team to optimize their designs for cost, reliability, and ease of manufacturing. We can also take your sketches or existing designs and optimize them for injection molding, machining, forming, and other fabrication methods as needed. We can undertake small or large projects from a formal specification or simple outline idea, taking them through the full design, detailing, manufacturing . Being flexible, we can work both independently or as part of a full integrated cross-functional team, doing as little or as much work as required. Component Design, Material Specification, Assembly and Tooling considerations, Manufacturing Methods, Technology Appraisal are all part of this process. Product Design We offer to our clients advanced engineering services including new product development, design, engineering and manufacturing using software platforms including CAD designing Services/CAM/CAE, delivering these prototyping, concept, design & rendering services. For getting a high quality output our includes provision of validation of the products by in-house tests and other quality assurance aspects. The salient features of our services include: Design: New Design Work We undertake small or large projects right from a formal specification to the full design, detailing, manufacturing & production release phases. Some of the important aspects of our new designing work include: • Component design. • Material specification. • Assembly and tooling considerations. • Manufacturing methods. • Technology appraisal. The effective use of modern hardware & softwares for the design generation including DFM and FMEA's further help us to optimise the output. Existing Support Work We provide a wide range of support activities, which includes: • Detail part, tooling or manufacturing changes. • Engineering documentation updates. • Inspection, tooling or manufacturing reviews. • Component or assembly cost reductions. • Development, test and evaluation. Apart from these, we also conduct other range of development exercises, by efficiently applying conventional or computer based techniques & processes which include: • Prototype parts or tooling. • Mechanism analysis. • Stress analysis. • Mold flow. • FEA. Manufacturing Support The range of designing services offered to support the manufacturing & process industries include: • Special purpose equipment design. • Tooling design ( including gauges, jigs and fixtures. manufacturing aids and tools). • Manufacturing documentation. • Process or material investigations. Machine Design We offer to our clients a wide range of machine design services, which are based on advanced technologies and meet the exact automation based demands of our clients. Some of the services offered by us include: Range of services: • Drive and linkage design. • Design of new products for machinery manufacturers. • Pharmaceutical machinery design. • Indigenizing and cost-reduction of imported designs. • Food-processing machinery design. • Import substitution of sophisticated machines. • Design for mechanization and automation. • Integration of imported components with local machines. • Mechanical instrument design. • Integration of imported machines with local systems. • Enclosure design for electronic equipment. • Prototype assembly, debugging and trials. • Design of object handling systems 3D and FEA facilities. • Special-purpose machines (SPM) design. Apart from these, we also offer to our clients: • Consulting Services: For providing concepts and design solutions to meet most daunting automation problems. • Equipment and Turnkey Systems: Offer complete turnkey solution for meeting the manufacturing/assembly issues. • Custom machinery & robotics, design and manufacturing. • Computer aided design using AutoCad Inventor.. Mechanism Design We offer to our clients advanced technology based mechanism design services which include digital mock-up of a basic concept with relevant material properties and include in it meaningful motion constraints and parameters for simulating real life conditions. Component Design We offer to our clients advanced technology based plastic component design services, which include turn key design and fabrication services, rapid prototyping, prototyping designing, stress & finite element analysis, fatigue life prediction, thermal modeling, failure mode effects analysis and many more. Apart from this, our designing services also include product development & conformance inspection report, reverse engineering, determination of service life extension and for product improvement. Jig Fixture Design We offer to our clients our expertise in the field of designing jigs and fixtures, which meet the exact demands of our clients. The use of modern infrastructure facilities and services of experienced engineering designers enable us to easily design both simple and complex fixtures as per customers exact requirements. Product Styling We offer to our clients advanced technology based product styling services, which cover the whole product development right from concept proposals, its development to the supervision of the production. Our CAD file exchange resources also allow us to maintain a constant exchange of data with clients & subcontractors using the internet. 3D Modelling We offer to our clients complete product design & development services right from concept generation through the final design, which is ready for product introduction. Our team has the expertise to design the products by efficiently utilizing processes including: • Plastic injection molding. • Machined components. • Sheet metal. • Castings. • Extrusions. Some of the services offered under 3D modelling include: • Design Consulting We help clients optimize their designs, which ensures cost, reliability & ease of manufacturing. Our expertise also allow us to optimize the designs for injection molding, machining, forming & other fabrication methods. • Rapid Prototyping Using SLA, SLS, and 3-D printing methods, we offer clients rapid prototype injection molds, which are available to meet the needs of testing clients designs using the correct material. 2 D Modelling We offer clients 2D drafting facilities, which meet the ISO and BS standards. These draftings can be produced from 3D models or straight in flat 2D formats using standard 3 view 1st or 3rd angle projections. Areas of Expertise: • Automated equipment design. • Electromechanical equipment design. • Production equipment design. • Weldment design. • Plastic injection molded part design. • Sheet metal fabrication design. • Vacuum formed part design. • Pressure formed part design. • Machined part design. • Cast part design. • Dimensioned 1st or 3rd angle drawings. • General assembly drawings. • Balloon referenced parts lists. • Manufacturing drawings. • Room/office/factory layout plans. • Schematic drawings. • Business diagrams. Ask for Quote Finite Element Analysis We offer to our clients complete finite element analysis services, which provide our clients a wide range of advantages including increased product reliability, Shortening of development time, decreasing of manufacturing cost, providing in-depth understanding of clients product and many more. The involved skills of our professionals allow us to deliver results for: • Static structural analysis. • Dynamic structural analysis. • Non-linear materials. • Impact / drop tests. • Crash tests. • Harmonic analysis. • Thermal analysis. • Thermo-structural analysis. • Plastic molds forging casting. Tools Used: Motion Simulation We offer to our clients our advanced engineering design services to meet clients needs of motion simulation. Our complete hold on the involved softwares help us in analyzing the complex behavior of mechanical assemblies. Further it also allows clients to test virtual prototypes & optimize designs for performance, safety & comfort, without having the need to build & test numerous physical prototypes. Some of the products for which we provide simulation services include dynamic systems which contain hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic, thermal, electrical & digital subsystems. Kinematic Motion Analysis We offer to our clients our expertise in the field of finite element analysis services for bringing design optimization in variety of areas, including static & dynamic structural analysis, kinematics motion & force analysis and steady state & transient thermal analysis. With most of these tasks being automated, our engineers save on lot of time which is usually taken by setting up of the analysis before they be run. Design Documentation We offer to our clients a wide range of design documentation services, which meet the exact demands of our clients. Our complete hold over the involved processes, skills, tools & modern infrastructure facilities allow us to provide clients high-quality design documentation for both easy and complex processes.

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