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In today's globally competitive market place, every company must think and plan in a progressive manner to stay ahead of the competition. Some of those who have struggled in the past are now among the most respectable and profitable companies in the world.


Global Sourcing is a business model that creates opportunities for businesses to move toward world-class supply chain management. As SCM requires companies to optimize across suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, the global sourcing model creates the basis for that optimization. Global sourcing has been shown to reduce total purchase costs by an average of 15% for manufacturers. Combined with decreased lead times, better quality, and more consistency, the business case for global sourcing is compelling.


Global Sourcing is not simply international procurement. While the model increases the influence of international sources on the purchasing decision, Global Sourcing is about strategy, processes, and technology oriented to increasing the competitiveness of the supply chain. Typical Global Sourcing changes include the creation of long-term partnerships, the dramatic reduction in supply base, the use of value engineering with sourcing partners to reduce the complexity of manufacturing processes, the development of international suppliers for global businesses, and the application of technology to integrate the supply chain.


To achieve such remarkable goals, many western companies have formed reliable partnerships with domestic and off shore vendors. Our extensive international experience can assist your company in joining the ranks of the world's leaders.


Corporate Purchasing Solutions is  committed to rapid economic growth on both sides of the ocean. Our experience and proven reliability can help your firm bridge the gap that once was a roadblock to success for so many others.


Corporate Purchasing Solutions has strategically global sourced competitive products and services in all of the leading industries.



  • Electrical and Electronic Products
  • Plastics and Rubber
  • Machinery and Automotive
  • Metal (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous)
  • Injection Molding and Parts
  • Castings and Forgings

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