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Hess Changzhou city Wei import and export limited company is currently with the American KulKoni Precision Metals Inc and Precision Toolcast Inc. The two companies to carry out close cooperation.

Changzhou City, Wujin Shenyang Lake mold Limited company as China professional tire mold manufacturers, 20 years for domestic and foreign tire production enterprises to provide high-quality tire mold and services, in the China rubber machinery industry reputation.

As tire equipment industry development, Yang Lake die in good tire molds to produce the positive innovation, and strive to open up new markets, actively seize all steel radial tire development opportunity, the full development of all steel radial tire molding drum, and in a short span of 5 years to complete the enterprise product transition and innovation, formed a variety of products series.

In 2001 launched the first capsule encapsulation type all-steel radial tire forming drum

In 2002 launched the first mechanical turn-up type all-steel radial tire forming drum

In 2003 the development of half steel two law forming drum

In 2004 as a replacement capsule drum developed can be attached to mechanical turn-up type forming drum, replace the old capsule encapsulation type forming drum, to improve the production efficiency

In 2005, the company completed the all steel radial tire molding drum and auxiliary drum ( including the belt drum and the carcass ply laminating drum ) industrial production. Since then, Yang Lake mold has formed a whole series of radial tire molding machine drum development and industrialization, the ability for tire enterprises to provide high quality steel and all steel radial tire forming drum with matching

In 2006, Yang Lake mold and Jiangsu Polytechnic University ( now renamed" Changzhou University" ) cooperation, set up production base, University of relying on scientific research strength, strive to provide better products for tire enterprise. The cooperative development of mechanical boosting type capsule drum in Changzhou city science and technology innovation fund, and a number of applications for invention patents and utility model patents.

In 2008, companies began to develop full steel engineering radial tire forming drum, has launched an all steel radial tire molding drum and two way l giant tire ( R51" and" R57 ) molding and auxiliary drum drum

Since 2008, Yang Lake mold has made a number of utility model patents, and in the Holland VIM company to sue the Yang Lake mold tort one case achieved a win. This marks the Yang Lake mold are using the company's own quality products to market development.

Now the Yang Lake mold has experienced design team, experienced production and maintenance personnel. The company will be dedicated to domestic and international clients to provide satisfactory service and thoughtful.

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