C & M Metal Spinning & Stamping

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  C&M Metal spinning and Stamping manufactures precision stamping, metal spinning and custom fabercated parts to customers' specifications and for a wide variety of U.S. customers.




      Our capabilities are near endless if you want it made we can do it for you. Know job to big or small

     Spinning capability

   We can spin q wide varieties of materials cold rolled steel and aluminun but we will be happy to look at any other material. The range of the aluminum and steel are the same from .028" up to .100".

     Stamping capability

    Our CNC turret punch presses let us do very precise work and cheaper with out havin to build big dies. Our machines can punch as thin a .020 up to .375 thick and can handle a part up to 12 feet long  

     Laser capability

  With a 1200 watt laser we can cut up to .300 thick and can cut a  gap as small as .004

     Waterjet capability

   With a 50,000 psi water jet the capabilities are endles no job to big.This machine is very accurate we can hold i .005 tolerance. The machine will handle a part 12x6 ft and up to 6in thick Wiht a waterjet you can cu t any thing as steel, alumnium, glass, granite, and tile

     CNC Machining capability

   Our  CNC machinig center can handle up to a 50x26x26 part and is able to hold tolerances of .0005


   With CNC brake presses we can keep forming with in thousands and is esay to adjust for any application


   We are equiped with wire, tig, stick, and internal spot welding


  • We have many different areas that we specialize in such as stamping spinninglaser cut waterjet machi


  • Lighting Products
  • Heating & Cooling componants
  • Heavy Equipmenet parts
  • Industrial Refridgeration Systems


  • Strippit 1000R
  • Strippit 1250s withPunch Laser Combo
  • Calypso Waterjet
  • Accupress Brake Press
  • D & K Brake Press
  • Komatsu Brake Press
  • D & K Shears
  • Wysong Shears
  • Alfa Spot Welder
  • Lincoln Welders
  • 60 Ton Press
  • Surface Grinder
  • Spinning Lathes
  • Circle Shears

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C & M Metal Spinning & Stamping C & M Metal Spinning & Stamping
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