AKA Machining, Inc
AKA Machining, Inc

AKA Machining Precision, Prototype, Production in California USA

AKA Machining Inc. is a family owned and operated machine shop, with over 30 years of combined experience. We set out to deliver quality parts, on schedule, at a competitive price. We are very qualified CNC Machining experts, and implement advanced technology and techniques.


AKA Machining Inc. has been in business for 5 and a half years, and is based out of Southern California. My father and I have grown from 2 CNC machines to now owning 8 CNC Machines with 9 employees, 3 of which work our night shift.

We push to be on the cutting edge of high volume machining. Our techniques allow us to run materials faster than ever before therefore cutting customer cost and lead times. AKA Machining Inc. has a strict quality control department. We refuse to ship nothing but the best, assuring our customer's amazing parts.


In the end, our success is measured by our customer's success. We make it our mission to deliver perfect parts, on time, at competitive prices. Below is a list of our current Machines.


- 2010 Haas Lathe SL-20 with a parts catcher
- 2004 Haas Lathe SL-10
- 2017 VF2 Haas Mill SS with 4th Axis
- 2016 VF2 Haas Mill SS with 4th Axis
- 2007 Ganesh Lathe 5212T with a bar feeder and parts catcher
- 2016 Ganesh Cyclone - 32 CS Live Tooling, this is a 7 axis machine with a bar feed and parts catcher
- 1995 Fadal 4020 MIll 88
- 1998 Fadal 15 MIll 88                            


  • Commerical
  • race car parts
  • Solar
  • Aerospace - Automotive - Defense - Food & Beverage - Manufacturing - Pharmaceuticals -
  • Medical - Dental - Aerospace - Consumer Goods - industrial products
  • Telescope components
  • microscope components
  • Automotive Parts
  • vape components
  • Stainless steel Parts
  • Copper & Copper Alloy
  • Brass & Aluminum Machining
  • Plastics
  • Titanium & Steel Alloys


  • Master Cam Software
  • Implament ISO 9000
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial
  • Medical


  • Haas “VF-2SS” CNC Milling Machine
  • hass sl 20
  • Ganesh cyclone cs-32 7 axis screw machine
  • Ganesh 32-Cyclone CNC lathe
  • Bar Feed
  • Fadel 4 ax CNC 4020 Cabinet Mill
  • HAAS ST 10 CNC
  • 4th and 5th Axis Vertical Milling
  • Live Tool Lathe - full Y Axis
  • Bar Feed – Quick
  • Parts Catchers
  • deburr
  • Assembly & Manufacture
  • Laser & Engraving parts
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AKA Machining, Inc AKA Machining, Inc
Reviews Project Rating Quality Responsiveness Delivery
  • #1043040
  • 2018-02-08
Shipped order on time. Parts arrived in good condition (good packaging) and to spec. Thank you! John
John M.
  • #1037746
  • 2018-01-02
Thanks Andy, it was a pleasure working with your company. I will be ordering again.
Andy C.
  • #979914
  • 2017-11-07
AKA Machining did a great job with my parts. The glands come out perfect. I am very glad I used them for my project.
John E.
  • #992963
  • 2017-11-01
Great job AKA. Pricing and quality hit the mark perfectly on this order. I will be re-ordering and would not hesitate to use AKA again in the near future. Thanks for being a valuable resource!
Brian S.
  • #983271
  • 2017-09-08
Great communication and quick delivery. Thank You
Jason K.
  • Simi Valley, California
  • USA 93065