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LXD has been focus on building the competence of supplying parts to foreign clients by running a CNC equipment shop, where a professional engineering team play a key role. However, LXD has been recognized at the followed competence: Experienced products: Pump parts: pump body, impeller, and distributor. Motor parts: shaft, motor bracket, stator case, lamination, rotor, stator. Generator parts: bracket, hub, support frame. Gear box parts: housing, seal cover, distance ring, special bolt, coupling, fan kit, gears, shaft. Pipe and fitting parts: flanges, elbow, tree, valve. Experienced material: Casting: GG20, GG25, QS400, QS600, SA-27, SA-216, and SA-352, CEN 10213-2, CEN 10213-3, BS 3100, JIS G5101, JIS G5102, JIS G5151, JIS G5152, Carbon, Graphite, Spheroid Grey Cast GGG, Stainless Steel, Steel Forgings : SA-105, SA-181, SA-266, SA-350, SA-372, SA-465 , SA-508, SA-541,CEN 10222-2 , JIS G3202. Pipes– SA-53, SA-106, SA-134, SA-135, A-139 , SA-155, SA-333, A-381 , SA-524, SA-587,SA-671, SA-672,SA-691, BS 3601, BS 3602, BS 3603, DIN 17175, DIN 17173, DIN17179, DIN 28180, JIS G3454, JIS G3456, JIS G3460. Tubes : SA-178, SA-179, SA-192, SA-210, SA-214, SA-226 , SA-334, A-573, BS 3059, DIN 17175, DIN 17173, DIN 17179, DIN 28180, JISG3461, JIS G3464. Plates : SA-212, SA-283, SA-285, SA-299, SA-433 , SA-442, SA-455, SA-515, SA-516, SA-537, CEN 10025, CEN 10028-2, CEN 10028-5, JIS G3101, JISG3103, JIS G3106, JIS G3115. Experienced fabrication process : Casting, forging, stamping, turning, bending/forming, broaching, cold forming, EDM, extrusion, milling, Oxygen cutting, plasma cutting, punching, rolling, welding.

ADA Industrial Engineering, Are you looking for suppliers (machine shops, fabricators, casters, molders, 3D printing, CNC machining, etc.) to provide manufacturing services for machine tool industry, automotive industry? For more information visit performs a 5-point inspection on all engineered parts and RFQs to ensure quality and enhance your online quoting experience

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ADA Industrial Engineering ADA Industrial Engineering
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