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Auto install bay to be repainted.   Includes walls, doors, and inside roll  up doors.  Location is 3370 E. La Palma  Ave. Anaheim, CA.  Store contact  Francisco Soto 714-688-3058.  Work to  be done after 5pm.  Fax bid to 408-487- 0505.  Call Diana at 408-487-4630 for  additional info.

Buyer Information

Industry Construction
City/Region SAN JOSE, California
Country USA


RFQ Number 311502

Technical Specifications

Category Paint

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Paint: Painting is the process of applying a paint coating. Paint coatings bond to the surface of the part and provide numerous functions such as protection, durability, conductivity, shielding, and decoration. Metal parts often require a phosphate or chromate conversion or a primer to enable the bond between the surface of the part and the paint coating.