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Vaptor Systems is an OEM for hot air chemical extraction systems. We are introducing a new product that we need to outsource production of. Process includes: 3" diameter dowel, 1" high with a 1 3/8" hole drilled through the center (think wood washer) and three 3/8" holes drilled equidistant around center hole (triangulated). The same process would be done on a 3" diameter, 3 1/4" high dowel, although 1/2" would be left undrilled, and the 3/8" holes would only be 1" deep. This product also requires three, 3/8" dowels 6" long. All parts would then be finished. A glass column (provided by us) would be epoxied into the 1 3/8" hole in the large dowel (base) and a glass funnel (provied by us) would be epoxied into the 1 3/8" hole of the shorter dowel (ring). The 3/8’’ dowels will be glued into the base and inserted through the holes of the ring. Brass finishing washers and brass flat wood screws (both provided) would anchor ring to 3/8" dowels. One or two (depending on the model ordered) finials would also be needed. 3/8" stem, 1/2" long with the overall finial length and diameter negotiable. 1/4" hole would be drilled through entire length of finial and stem. Would be finished the same as the above dowels. Thank you for your quote and we look forward to your responses soon.

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Woodworking: Woodworking is the process of manufacturing parts or products out of wood. Woodworking processes include routing, drilling, turning, joining, assembling, and finishing. Wood products are commonly used in construction for structural members, such as beams, standard framing boards, and plywood sheets, and functional members such as doors and window frames. Wood is also used for decorative purposes in cabinetry, trim finishing, and furniture.