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Now the parts are ground to an 8 rms however, we would like  to improve the finish for plating. You would get the part  with a stock finish at around .125 thk.  We need a  consistent finish that is reproducable.  We need 20 parts  to prove out the method before we do the production.  I  don’t know if lapping or polishing is the best method.  We  will work with any suggestions for the best method.  Thanks.

Buyer Information

Industry Medical
City/Region rockville, Maryland
Country USA


RFQ Number 318173
Material Grade Low carbon steel c1018

Technical Specifications

Category Lapping

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Lapping: Lapping is a finishing process used to refine surfaces by making very flat surfaces very fine finishes. Lapping uses loose abrasives suspended in a fluid. In the lapping process, parts are processed between large flat plates or platens. Lapped surface finishes are measured in microns and nanometers.