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Buyer is looking for a process to deburr and radius guitar picks die cut from acetal strips. The picks range in thickness 0.020-.045" and are approximately 0.750" wide x 1.000" long. The buyer is using a steel rule die that leaves a slight bevel on the edge. They have found that tumbling them dry in a portable cement mixer part on part seems to work to a degree but the process takes days. They have been tumbling about 10,000- 15,000 parts at a time which is a 6 gal pail full and weighs around 18lbs. Please quote whichever process will work.

Buyer Information

City/Region St. Paul,, Minnesota
Country USA


RFQ Number 364275
Material Thermoplastic
Material Grade acetal

Technical Specifications

Category Tumble Finishing

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Tumble Finishing: Tumble finishing is a mechanical process of deburring, cleaning and polishing parts. Tumblers are commonly barrels or cylinders that rotate, vibrate or spin parts that are contained inside of them.