Wood Chisel Blank

This RFQ was sourced on www.MFG.com in USA for Hardening

Chisel Blanks measure as follows:

  • Length: 6" - 9"

  • Width: .125" - 1.00"

  • Thickness: .25"

  • Processes required:

  • Heat treat to 1500 F

  • Oil Quench

  • Temper to 325 F

  • Parts are woodworking chisel blanks, i.e., sans handles.

    Buyer Information

    City/Region Tampa, Florida
    Country USA


    RFQ Number 339753
    Material Alloy Steel
    Material Grade Steel O-1

    Technical Specifications

    Category Hardening

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    Hardening: Hardening steel increases its strength and durability. A key element in the hardness level achieved is the steel's carbon content. Some alloys must be carbon-enriched prior to hardening. Hardening of steel is achieved by heating it and then rapidly cooling it by quenching the steel in either water, salt water, oil, or a polymer bath.