Wear Shoe

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Appro size 4" long x 1 3/8" high. This is a "shoe" designed to fit over a 3/4" flat bar portion of an industrial centrifuge to provide wear protection from the centrifuge slurry (feed) which impacts this portion of the machine at high g forces. The shoe is to be formed of sintered tungsten carbide as follows: KENNAMETAL GRADE K714 (STC KM4), TELEDYNE (Firth Sterling) HARC OR UNITED HARDMETAL KR16. MATERIAL MUST BE CAPABLE OF ACHIEVING A VOLUME LOSS OF 3 CUBIC MILLIMETERS OR LESS, ACCORDING TO ASTM G-65, PRACTICE FOR CONDUCTING DRY SAND/RUBBER WHEEL ABRASION TEST.

Buyer Information

Industry Machinery and Tools
City/Region Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Country CANADA


RFQ Number 336495
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade Sintered Tungsten Carbide (See Description)

Technical Specifications

Category Press & Sinter

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Press & Sinter: Press and Sinter is the most common powder metal forming process. The powder composition is compacted into a die and heated super high temperatures, causing the metal powder to fuse into a solid metal.