Washer, Spring Tension 803-5001003-X9X1-09

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Buyer handles the following:

  • Freight expense from you to us.
  • Part tagging/bagging and packaging (with RFID labels) to Mil Spec standards.
  • Freight expense to final government destinations (usually multiple).
  • Invoicing, through the governments Wide-Area-Work-Flow (WAWF) system.
  • Accounts Receivable calls to the government (late payments).
  • Pay you, on-time, per agreed terms (usually 30 days, or as negotiated).
  • We will accept delivery as soon as the parts are ready.

What we need from you:

  • Your lowest price. Government solicitations are very competitive.
  • Material to the current industry/military spec per the drawing.
  • A complete quote, if possible, including any finishes, passivation, paint, etc. possible. If your quote is not complete, please detail what you are not quoting with a comment when submitting a quote.

Buyer Information

Industry Government Military
City/Region Roseland, New Jersey
Country USA


RFQ Number 656551
Material Acier inox

Technical Specifications

Category Belleville Washers
Dimensions 0x1 inch

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Belleville Washers: Belleville washers, or cupped spring washers, are washers with a slight conical shape which gives the washer a spring functionality. Belleville washers are typically used as springs to apply pre-load to bolted joints.