Washer, Flat

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We have a contract to produce an assembly that uses the requested washer. I need a quote for production and delivery of these washers to the address listed in the public message. See attached drawing for specific specifications regarding the material. Unless otherwise specified, all dimensions in drawing are in inches and tolerances on fractions are +- 1/64. Material is copper, finish is lead plate. Approx size 7/8" OD x .034" thk. This is one several RFQs for this buyer. Please also see RFQ # 34510, 34513, 34519.

Buyer Information

City/Region , Michigan
Country USA


RFQ Number 336981

Technical Specifications

Category Seals and Gaskets

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Seals and Gaskets: Seals and gaskets are used between two mating parts to reduce or eliminate fluid leakage or protect internal mechanical components from external elements.