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This is a part for a BBQ gas grill.  It will be exposed to  direct flame and will be placed between the burner and the  cooking grate.  Respond only via message board.  If you  need me to call you, please leave a message on the message  board.  Faxes, emails, and voicemails will not be reviewed  for this RFQ. Die specifications are as follows:   Progression: 6.730 in. Steel Usage: 1.6436# Shut Height: 27.00 in Top Weight: 4500 lbs Total Weight: 10500 Tonnage Req'd: 90 Tons Length: 68" Width: 44"

Buyer Information

Industry Consumer Products
City/Region Columbus, Georgia
Country USA


RFQ Number 312701
Material Grade 409 SS, 20 Ga. (.033+.003/-0) x 25.800 (pn 4067340)

Technical Specifications

Category Progressive Die Stamping

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Progressive Die Stamping: Progressive die stamping is a process of feeding the sheet metal through a series of successive dies, each performing specific operations, to form the finished part. Progressive die stamping is commonly used for large production runs and where the material is cut in strips and fed from rolls.