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This is a volcano-shaped fountain approx. 12" tall that will have a flickering flame bulb at the top. The fountain is in three parts that will be connected together to form the final product. All three parts are the correct dimensions. The Base part (Base.prt) will hold the pump. The Middle part (Middle.prt) will connect the top (Top.prt) and bottom parts. The base and middle are not required to be geometrically perfect. The top will hold the bulb, and the nozzle (the tubular part that drops below the rest of the part) is the correct size to attach the water hose that will be used. The top is required to adhere closely to the part dimensions. Buyer only need quotes for the Base, Middle, and Top parts. Please see attachments for dimension specifications. Drawings provided are the only file format provided, please quote parts using drawings available.

Buyer Information

Industry Education
City/Region Hennepin, Illinois
Country USA


RFQ Number 368198
Material Foam
Material Grade Foam

Technical Specifications

Category Structural Foam

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Structural Foam: Structural Foam is a term commonly used to describe thermoplastic injection molding components with a honeycomb, cellular core, in which the outer surface is denser than the inner layers. The combination results in a molded part with a high stiffness ratio compared with non-structural foam (compact) moldings.