Track Bar Forging

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2005 Ford P131 Track Bar component. Annual volume will be 250,000 pieces.   Please quoted based on lots of 20,000  for production. Please quote both prototype and  production tooling--tooling costs must  be itemized.  Prototype piece quantity  for quote purposes is 25, 50, 150, 300. Actual material required date is  unknown at this time.

Buyer Information

Industry Automotive
City/Region Montpelier, Ohio
Country USA


RFQ Number 309054

Technical Specifications

Category Other Forging

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Other Forging: Forging is the process of heating metal to plasticity, and applying force to shape the part as required. The force applied in forging may be by hammering, the use of a power hammer or, more commonly, a press. Forging changes the crystalline properties of the metal being forged in ways that improve the metal's physical properties, such as strength, ductility and durability. Forged parts are very strong in relation to their weight and are commonly used in aircraft.